Love Casts Shadows: A Net, A Work, A Show



Content Warnings

Director’s Syndrome, Dubious Content




Original Female Character/Margaret, K****n/Margaret


Kylie (Original Character), K****n (Growth Catalyst), Margaret (Growth 

Catalyst), ZZ (The Communist), Sher (The Body), Diva (The Bitch), Kori Natto (Showrunner), Les Chung (Showrunner)

Additional Tags

Love, Heartbreak, Theatre, Growth, Art, Drama, Tragedy, Angst, Time 

Travel, Trans Characters




Part 1 of (de)Growth Catalyst Series










Margaret remembered being especially struck by the reaction of the performance artist ZZ. Maybe she could not see the performance for what it was, but their Core Purposes were fundamentally aligned: it was Eedeological Critique. The only difference was that while ZZ limited her practice of that critique to the environment of a stage, a scene rehearsed, (de)Growth Catalyst had been making its entire body vulnerable to that critique every minute of every day, by treating Life in its entirety as expanded theatre. She should have been used to the hurt that came with every misunderstanding of their practice by now—ZZ and the rest of the LCSverse certainly hadn’t been the first—but that was the price to pay for her belief in their theatrical methodology, and she would suffer it again and again. Every hurt was proof of the reality of their Core Purpose. Proof of the undying dedication to their Pure Passion.

Knock-knockity knock-knock, knock-knock. Margaret froze in her seat. That knock sequence…there was only one person in this world she knew who used it. She hadn’t heard that familiar rhythm of knocks in two years now. It couldn’t be…could it?

With bated breath, Margaret raised her eyes from the spreadsheet in front of her. Leaning in the doorway of the temple, partially obscured by plumes of incense smoke, was a familiar silhouette she would recognise even in a sea of bodies. Except, there was no familiar blazer adorning this body now—pale flesh glistened softly in the moonlight. Margaret gasped, her breath released in a short puff. K****n had returned.

Author’s Notes:
Konbanwa! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this two-part character study on Margaret and K****n of the LCS cinematic universe, set between the two years between the filming of the show and its grand premiere. Stay tuned for Kylie’s perspective in Chapter 2: Liquid Cool Shore.

The Author

Kay Min

Is a writer and curator whose practice weaves between the interstices of semiotics, theory, and fiction, towards emergent modes other-worlding through queering and reorganising. Recent curatorial engagements include Inventory: Reconsidering Curatorial Practice (2021) and the 17th Istanbul Biennial (2022), which reimagines the biennial as a site of compost. In 2018, they co-initiated the artistic operation AWKNDAFFR which recently produced and published the edited anthology Can, Cannot, and Other Options: Between Defiance and Desire, Towards Fuller Lives (2021). In another life, Kay Min is a research associate at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore. They graduated with a BSc in Anthropology from University College London in 2016, and MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths College in 2017.

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